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Are you a leader who wants to be the best leader you can be, not just for your people, but to honour your own integrity?

A leader who endeavours, every day, to show up with impeccability and emotional intelligence, as well as with the strategic thinking capability and accountability to achieve the results you and your team are challenged with?
In a recent poll of mid to senior level leaders, we asked them what they wanted to be more of to be an exceptional leader.  And the answer gave us great hope for our workplaces and for the world.

As leaders today, we want to be more non-judgmental and more compassionate. And we want to be more present and more confident in being OK to ask for what we need from our own managers without appearing needy or incompetent.

Join me for a powerful, leadership intensive!


Join me, Amanda Knight, for a powerful, intensive workshop with personal EQ assessment and coaching, designed to build the new leadership capability of non-judgment so that you can build the high trust habits of an exceptional leader.

Our leadership intensive includes a one-day workshop - 'It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It' - along with your own personal emotional intelligence-based profile and a coaching session with me to provide you with instant take-aways and insights on how to show up as a compassionate and present leader.
What Is The Leadership Privilege? 

Quite simply, leadership is a privilege because, as a leader, we hold the self esteem of each of our team members in our hands.  And we have this power, whether we like it or not.  That's the privilege.

We have the power to make or break somebody's day with just a word, a look, or our tone of voice, or even damage their career through our unconscious bias or lack of coaching ability.

As soon as we are in a leadership role, people are watching how we show up, how we treat them and others, and how we create a safe environment for people to thrive.  Leadership comes with great responsibility, requiring intelligence, compassion and accountability.


Our 'It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It' leadership intensive is in three parts:

  1. Complete an online EQ-based self assessment questionnaire (The SRQ) that takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes to complete.
  2. Next attend a one-day in-person workshop where you will receive your personalized SRQ report and engage in powerful EQ-based leadership learnings.
  3. Finally follow up the in-person workshop with a one-hour phone coaching call with Amanda Knight to work through the intricacies of your SRQ profile, and to build an effective, sustainable, habit-changing action learning plan.

 During the one-day workshop we will:

  • explore the five key aspects of the leadership privilege that impact your ability to be truly openminded and compassionate, and to have an unbiased and equitable perspective.
  • view leadership through the relational lens to significantly advance your ability to influence and build true engagement and empowerment with your team and your stakeholders.
  • practice techniques for emotionally intelligent communication so that you remain balanced, compassionate, and emotionally robust when involved in challenging or delicate discussions.

The SRQ emotional intelligence-based assessment will help you identify:

  • your limiting perceptions, blind spots, and self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviours that drive judgment
  • your use of power in relationship dynamics (including tendency to rescue, criticize, rebel or comply)
  • your levels of confidence in others, and levels of own self-confidence
  • the impact of your current level of self esteem in handling stress, change and conflict
  • how you recognize and manage your emotions and emotional responses to challenging people and situations

During the follow-up coaching session we will:

  • take a deeper look at your SRQ emotional intelligence-based profile for further insights into how you can become more compassionate and present
  • specifically discuss the nuances of your leadership that you wish to enhance, change or adapt
  • build a practical action plan to develop your non-judgment capability and to become an exceptional leader




Next workshop date: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Workshop times: 8.30am - 4.30pm including lunch

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Package price*: early bird $245, standard rate $295

Group rates available


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*Prices include workshop lunch and exclude GST