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Leadership is a privilege.


True empowerment is elusive.


Emotional intelligence is key.



Whether you are a dedicated HR professional, an external coach, trainer or facilitator, or a leader who wants to be the very best leader you can be, you work passionately every day to create a positive, thriving organizational environment for the people you work with.  Your commitment to growing  yourself and the people around you is a personal mission, and is recognized and valued by the people you impact.  You constantly seek to understand what's going on in the culture or in your own leadership that is impacting people's experience and performance, be that positive or negative. 

The leadership programs you implement get rave reviews and leaders leave fully committed to up-level their leadership capability. Employees leave engagement sessions and Executive fireside chats hopeful and re-inspired.


Yet something is not quite working out how you hoped ....


Within a few weeks employees are struggling to remain 'owners' and personally accountable for how they show up, even though your organization truly wants them to feel empowered. And leaders somehow slip back into old, unhealthy habits of micro-managing through unconscious bias, or avoiding the tough conversations.

Transformational leadership and high employee engagement stall. Blame still lingers.


So what more can you really do?


In our 20 years of working with leaders at all levels, supporting them to develop their emotional intelligence, and embedding new world thinking around HR systems such as performance management and succession planning, we have found that true empowerment is elusive.  Empowerment is a combination of feeling empowered and empowering others equally.  This requires not just a deep connection to one's own purpose and following through with right action, but also an unshakeable belief and value in others and their capabilities.  It is driven by a deep recognition that leadership is a privilege.


Empowerment thrives when trust and respect are present.


Trust and respect occur when a leader truly understands that being a leader is a privileged position that holds a great amount of power, and that leader works with this power for the benefit of every single stakeholder.

True empowerment shows up in an organization when there is alignment throughout the organization: leaders show up consistently in service of their people; the people processes are built to eliminate unconscious bias and to focus on the unique value the individual is contributing; and employees recognize the part they must play in showing up as owners not victims, valuing their own potential while supporting others to achieve theirs.


Emotional intelligence is key


We work with a new level of emotional intelligence that builds true empowerment and supports leaders in recognizing that leadership is a privilege.


The SRQ empowerment assessment and development system:

A powerful, emotional intelligence-based development system including an assessment tool with optional 360. Development-based to build empowered people and truly empowering leaders, The SRQ is available through an accreditation process or through consultancy. We also offer an optional module for HR and Change professionals seeking to support the build of empowered workplaces.


The Leadership Privilege suite of leadership development programs:

From our online program 'Lead Your Culture From The Inside' providing a powerful introduction to how leadership is a privilege through videos, podcasts and worksheets, to one-on-one coaching, to our flagship corporate program for senior leaders and high potentials, built around The SRQ 360, experiential learning and leading edge coaching skills training for managers, we have a program to meet your leadership development needs.



The Leadership Privilege - the book:

Launching in September 2018, 'The Leadership Privilege: The High-Touch Habits of Exceptional Leaders that Sustain a High-Trust Culture' by emotional intelligence expert Amanda Knight provides deep insights from the world of emotional intelligence, along with leading edge thinking around organizational people practices, essential for driving positive change in organizations.  Pre-register for launch details now!



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